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Welcome to Soria

Till Death Do Us Part

On the coast of southern California there's a city. Occupied by thousands from the outside is seems just like any California metropolis, but Soria holds it's secrets. Founded when America had just broke into the west Soria is an old city, it was a quaint little mining town before the Crea family discovered it. They used the remoteness and their families money and power to make the town into their own little social experiment. Years passed, the city grew, laws were enforced then demolished at the hands of the Crea Research Foundation, eventually the Marriage Act passed, each and every eligible person over the age of 18 was to get married.

In the beginning people rejected the law, but Crea was an enforcer and eventually the populace gave in and marriage at 18 to a stranger became a normal things. Years passed and the Crea foundation faded into background, letting the city expand and eventually forget about them. They watch from the dark corners studying the city just because they can. People move to Soria, but people rarely leave, will you except your invitation and let your fate be decided for you?

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