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Galactic Scrolls

The once dead Overlord has seemed to return, the man who had once controlled all 12 constellations now walks their planets once more. Stars have been slaughtered and new ones have fallen to take up a new host as tensions rise and the few originals attempt to hold their ground. In this chaos, a 13th master has shown himself, the sign of Orion himself and asking for a seat beside his star brothers and sisters. Cloaked in shadows and with the eyes of a snake, the constellations have called for him to prove himself to be one of them and not the traitor they believe him to be. Outside of the main planets, the natives who still have their freedom are rising up their forces with the constellation of the mighty stag at the forefront and prepared to take them to a bloody victory--even at the cost of her own life. Slaves are escaping, the black market has rocketed, and the ruling elite can barley keep a hold on the citizens and keep the respect they have held for so long. Even more, rumors of a small pocket of surviving scientists from Earth and the original project are still lingering somewhere hidden and somewhere close. As they chip away at a new serum and the citizens of the planet Orion demand a new dictatorship, there is no longer a safe haven and even those from the heavenly skies are open targets. Protect your home planet, overthrow the Elite 13, and break your heavenly chains.



Laws of the Galaxy

001. All VF ToS applies
002. Due to content, this cult is 16+
003. No drama unless it's rp drama
004. Respect everyone in the cult
005. Bring nothing from outside the cult into it
006. Complete at least the first two starter posts before beginning games
007. Don't copy/paste from google or wiki. Be creative
008. If you have questions, ask staff
009. Suggestions are always welcome from members so don't afraid to inbox the owner personally
010. As a cult, we grow with our members who mold us, things are always changing, being upgraded, and added but it can only be done with the participation of members
011. Immunity Characters are free from slavery but that does not mean they can't be caught.