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30 years ago, human soceity suddenly realized that they were not alone.
A Nazi organisation that was remnant from WW2, Millenium, attacked London and left in their wake untold destruction and chaos.

We fought them and we won.
But what was left was a world where the barriers between the natural and supernatural had broken down. The secrets we tried so hard to keep in the darkness, turned to light. Peace is hanging on a fragile thread, ready to snap at any moment.

So here is my warning.
My warning to the vampires that now roam more freely, to the werewolfs that stalk the streets and any other race that might wish to harm humanity.
When you give in to your darkest desire and so much as take a soul, we will be there.
And when you attempt to flee from your sin, we will pursue, till the day you are brought to justice.

This is my promise.
For we are Hellsing.

Integra Wingates Hellsing.
  1. Follow all VF established rules, terms and conditions.
  2. Listen to STAFF.
  3. NO Outside drama.
  4. NO God modding
  5. Sexual Roleplay allowed.
  6. NO killing off other characters.
  7. Treat everyone as you expect to be treated yourself.
  8. At least 5 lines in a RP post.
  9. 3 Multi thread maximum.
  10. Activity is a dead on MUST when in a rp with multiple people.
When you've read these rules, post in the rules thread.

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