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Welcome to Kisgooye Island

Est. 2008 | Resurrected in 2017

Welcome to Kisgooye Island, a small tropical paradise with a long history of supernatural lives, cultural development, and strange oddities. A democratic Island on earth tucked away in the Atlantic Ocean, Kisgooye is several thousand years old, stretching roughly 171,069 sq. miles and providing you with beaches, thick jungles, old abandoned ruins, relics, and buildings to explore. It's also the home of Omega City, a massive blade runner like metropolis that is advanced in technology and visual wonderment.

The year is 2750 and Omega has become a cultural hub in the world, a shining beacon for a place where people can come and mix. Omega, however, like every city has a dark side. The city is heavily under the watchful eyes of four mafia families whom all believe that they are guiding hands of the city. It's a place wherein the darkest corners you will see a war between them over the cities full control. Each one has some sort of advantage over one another, such as control of the police or politicians, maybe drugs, and trafficking, or immigration. It's a life of power, manipulation, and money that gets you where you need to be. You can either be a piece in the background, a small part that goes unnoticed or you can jump into the game with the bigger fish and see who comes out on top.

Omega is a cult where you decide how things work for you. You create your character and go, deciding if you want to join in the main plot or just use the city as a setting. The only thing we ask is that you come in here looking for more than romantic and fluff plots. We are 18+ in age due to mature content and application is required for entry.

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