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A Home Reclaimed

A World Reformed

Everyone likes to imagine a world where nothing can go wrong, and everything is as it should be for those who inhabit it. People who spend their entire lives chasing the ideal dream can soon find themselves disappointed, perhaps even in danger. Personal investments in a world can lead to disaster, something which nobody could have foreseen, not even those responsible for keeping the world alive.

Responsibility was handed to the Tempest Family when they migrated from their homeland to a new home, somewhere they could find peace away from the calamities which plagued Aovis. Establishing themselves in their new home, which they soon came to call Niatera, the Tempest Family felt that nothing could go wrong. They had found somewhere they could live and work in quiet happiness. And so long as they remained a united front, nothing would tear them apart.

War never changes. War never stops.

The battalions which had fought for power on Aovis soon came to Niatera. Droves of Soldiers from all backgrounds, all creeds, and all faiths descended on Niatera, and once again the family was at war. Not just with their opposing factions, but with themselves. Harmonic grasslands became a death trap, nobody could turn a corner without being faced with more death, more destruction and more pain than anyone could come to terms with. But they would not run away, not this time. Niatera was their home, and they would defend it to their deaths if they had to.

Against the will of their peers, the oldest living member of the family, Axthar Tempest, struck a deal with the Gods of the Galaxy. If he were granted the ability to end the wars and bring peace back to Niatera, in return he would give his own life and the lives of his descendants. Everyone would be expelled from the world and scattered to the corners of the Galaxy, they would not remain on their new home if it meant stopping the needless war.

The Gods agreed to Axthar's terms. And Niatera was once more a peaceful planet. But at what cost? At the cost of his life, the cost of the bond between the Tempest Family. They were scattered, thrown across the Galaxy. They were alone.

One by one the new descendants of the Tempest family has found their way to Niatera. The place their ancestors once called home, has now become their homeland once more. Together the family has worked tirelessly to ensure that Niatera remains a world of peace and prosperity. Everything is regulated, and every decision made must pass through the family.

War never changes. And one day, war will return to Niatera. It's just a question of when.

Tempest is an 18+ Slave/Master styled cult based on the fantasy world of Niatera.

Cult Rules

× Baby llama don't need no drama
× Try not to be an asshat
× Don't steal people's stuff, it's rude
× Under 18s, both In Character and Out of Character, are not permitted


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