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Created on: December 28, 2007, 10:28am
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The Staff
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About True-Goths
Welcome to True-Goths,
we are so glad that you found us.

With so many new non-gothy people joining vampirefreaks and even telling you to 'lose' your goth look; we offer you to join us and be a part of a community of real goths on vampirefreaks.

True-Goths was founded in 2007 and has been going strong as an underground VF goth club ever since. Other then the application process we try not to take ourselves too seriously here. Even though we are goth, everything is pretty 'light hearted' here, and is about having fun.

Approved members are welcomed openly as we do not fight about who is gothier then thou in this cult, for here we are all equal. Members participate in gothic debate, discussion, unique gothic forum games (no counting BS, we mean real games) themed contests, and more.

Overall True-Goths is a great place to relax among people who get the joke rather then being it. We also now have a TrueGoth facebook group for member of true goth Vampirefreaks TrueGoth family

Contest Winners
Best with Tribal Makeup

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<center> Best With friends
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The Application
Application Suggestion</u>
You can write anything you like in your app, but if you want a guideline you can fill this out. Remember to be detailed.




What is goth to you?:

How did you get into goth?:

What do you like about goth?:

What makes 'you' goth?:

What genre of music do you listen to?:

What bands do you listen to?:

Tell us about your self:

Post one picture of you looking your "gothiest"(optional):

True goths salute ( A photo of you, with your username @ true goths on paper) NOTES:
<li>The owner does most of the random invites, being randomly invited by the owner means nothing. <li>Tip: If you have a picture please post it. Please don't just tell us to look at your profile. We do that any way. <li>Members will vote on what is written in your application AND in your profile. If you choose to leave your application blank we will go based on what is in your profile. If your profile is lacking information about yourself, you should write more in your app. If both lack information, it is VERY unlikely you'll get in no matter how goth you are. So it's advised that you write at least something. Tell us about yourself! After all we are goths, not mind readers.

Cult Rules
<li> No fighting in cult. <li> Once in this cult we are all equal, none of this "I'm gothier then thou" crap. <li> No spamming. <li> All content of the cult is to be kept private once you are a member, violation of this rule will lead to banishment. <li> Don't take your self to seriously, learn to laugh. <li> There is no rule that says all topics have to be 'gothy' feel free to post new topics any time. <li> We do not allow the posting of threads or posts that are solely for the advertisement of another cult. <li> This is an all ages cult, please keep sexually explicit material off the threads. <li> Please no racism, sexism etc etc. Grow up and be nice, act like Goths, not Skin Heads. <li> If you have a problem with another member in the cult or vote cult, please inbox the owner about it. Include details, and links to threads, all complaints are kept anonymous. <li> Feel free to invite your friends. <li> All VF rules apply.

Thank you for reading.

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Information for Applicants
Please Read Before Applying</u>

This is a goth only cult.

We are an application cult, NOT a beauty cult. When applying we review your personality NOT your appearance, so make sure you have written a lot about your self in your app or profile if you want to be a member.

Our app is a suggestion, of what we want to here, you can write anything or nothing in your app, it's up to you. But if we don't feel you are goth from the info YOU provide, you won't get in. We aren't mind readers. For BEST results please fill out the suggested app.

Again we are a GOTH cult. If you identify with another sub-culture (emo, scene, metal etc) over goth, then don't apply.

If you did not read any of this, don't blame us.

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The Members
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