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War, the great conquest that is both; the maker and the destroyer of civilizations it rains havoc among the living and is the last memory of most dead. Every breath that we take is a predetermined part of our destiny. Every conscious decision that we make will never be fully our own. At some point, even with the best of intentions, someone gets hurt. This isn’t a cult for the faint of heart. Every move that you make could be your last. <p><p> Eve was the beginning of Vampire Empire. She is the breath of life that runs through the Ethernal plane upon which the Empire rests. No one knows exactly when the Goddess was born, just that she is the only. Eve is the most powerful being within Vampire Empire. In fact, the only people that come close to matching her power are her five children. Taurien (The oldest) an Angelic warlord, powered by his own thirst for blood, and power. He is the Leader of Chasseur de l’Ombre. Then there is Drostan. (The next born.) A Demonic powerhouse, and the keeper of the souls of the damned. He is the leader of Scadrial (Next in line) Eric, an alluring Strategist who seeks all the pleasures of what life has to offer. Eric, Leader of Valryn is the oldest living Vampire, and isn’t afraid of using his charismatic charm to get what he wants. Don’t let the good looks fool you. He is full of nothing but bad intentions. (The second to the youngest is) Natalia the oldest living Lycan. She has the heart of a beast, both literally and figuratively. She runs the kingdom of Yevon. She is the living embodiment of her mother’s rage. (The youngest and most beloved child of Eve) Nadja, The leader of Nascuti Din sange. The fire bearer, it is said that her beauty has been known to drive even the strongest of men from their partners into her grips. She is the youngest of the five, but she was born with the fires of the Ethernal within her heart, which some have suggested makes her the most dangerous. The Dragoness is most powerful in her draconic form. It is both a curse and a blessing bestowed upon her by her mother. <p><p> Eve is the only being who doesn’t have to answer to anyone for her actions, just or unjust in the eyes of others, because it was only out of Eve’s loneliness that life within the Empire happened. She created it from the elements around her, and back to the elements one day each of her, and her children’s followers will return. Even her children will one day leave her, Eve is the only constant within the universe of the Ethernal. <p><p> Can you Survive the bloodshed, and rise among the tyrants of Vampire Empire? </b>