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A cult for the entire Comic universe

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The call for help was answered the day New York was freed from Trigon's wrath. Even if the threat was only removed from the surface, and now contained within the bowels of the earth. A passing of silence has allowed tings to slowly change. Those who we thought would continue to rise to the challenge, have sunk into guilt, and self-doubt. Professor X has spiraled into the deep, and Magneto has seemed to be off the grid and out of the public's eye. Slowly, but surely others have tried to weasel their way in to stir trouble in New York City. And while the scramble for power has distracted many, Hope has not lost sight of the Professor’s mission to try and contain the entity that has consumed their beloved Jean. Like a ticking bomb, her power manifests, waiting to be unleashed. Waiting to be provoked. Mutants and Supers seem to have gone missing, and all evidence has lead to the path of the Phoenix who has laid claim and branded herself Omega. It’s unknown what the firebird is up to. Collecting powerful mutants, or wasting them away with a kiss of death? While many are out to kill the unstable mutant, Hope leads the charge of the X-Men in hopes to get to her first, to subdue the chaos. The Brotherhood however believes it's time to weaponize her power against mankind. And while most have forgotten the streets are of the city are just as dangerous, there are those of the Brigade who believe it’s time to put the birdy down and rise from its ashes. Contracts have been released to all bounty hunters and mercenaries alike. And in the confined space of a laboratory, the organization, Popilio Mundi, too has even sent hunters to try and capture the Phoenix. In hopes to study, and dissect her piece by piece, and find success with projects of transferring the X-gene into non-mutant subjects. With New York barely catching it’s breath after a six month passing since Trigon, rumor has it, Brother Blood is still on a warpath. And everyone knows how dangerous playing "church" can be. Where will you fair in the chaos about to unfold? Just be careful not to get burned.

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